Christian Women’s Discussion Topics

Groups of Christian women meet each week or month to discuss a different aspect of their faith and womanhood. These women’s groups address many different discussion topics Christian women’s discussion groups thrive on topics of particular interest to their members.

Family Topics

Christian women’s discussion groups can focus on family themes. Marriage and the role of the wife in a Christian marriage is a hot topic for newly married or engaged Christian women. For those groups who have members who are mothers, good themes could include Christian parenting, the role of the mother in the Christian faith or a study of the life of Mary, Jesus’ mother. For those Christian groups whose members are not mothers or wives, a good theme might be a daughter’s relationship with her parents in the Christian religion.

Workplace Topics

Some Christian women struggle to understand what their place in the workplace should be. They wonder if they should stay at home and work in the house, providing for the family. They may also wonder what Christian beliefs say about women entering in the workforce. A Christian women’s discussion group might focus on these issues and help bring light to their member’s questions, all through a careful study of the Bible or a consultation with members of the clergy.

BIble Study

A Bible study makes a stimulating topic for a Christian women’s discussion group. Many stories in the BIble have to do with women, wives, daughters and mothers. Christian women’s discussion groups do not have to study only these stories. They can focus on any story that interests them. A Christian women’s BIble study discussion group makes for an educational and faithful conversation for all involved.

Book Clubs

Numerous books written by Christian authors or with Christian themes could be fruit for a Christian women’s discussion group; they could explore them in a book club setting. Choose books that fit the interests of members. Non-fiction books make productive discussion material for those groups of women who are interested in learning the facts about an aspect of their faith. The group could turn to many fiction books that inspire faith and provide interesting discussion topics.

How to Start a Women’s Social Club

Women’s social clubs have been around for generations as pillars of the community and a way for women to mingle. Starting a women’s club takes dedication, organization, and a passion for uplifting and empowering people. It is also important to consider the networks, resources, and funds needed to maintain an organization. Determine how committed you want this social club to be before recruiting members and making commitments.

Create the purpose, mission and vision of the social club. Women’s clubs like to meet around a specific social cause while others like to meet for therapeutic and relaxation reasons. Some women’s groups revolve around empowerment, business objectives, hobbies, and other interests.

Compose a proposal that explains what you hope to achieve with the women’s social club. Decide if the social club should be private, have a certain number of members, or seek membership dues.

Have a graphic designer create a logo, flyers, and a website that represents the club. Make sure that the website is user friendly so that you or an associate can update the site frequently once it is launched. Also, make sure that all legal matters regarding certifications and licenses are squared away with the state.

Find a location for th esocial club to meet. Ensure that the facility is safe and can accommodate the group. Also, keep in mind the materials you may need, such as projectors, extra tables, kitchen, and other items.

Recruit members for the social club. Make a list of potential candidates and recruit through word of mouth. Enlist women who will be committed, make contributions, and bring positivity to the group. Set up a meeting to welcome all the women to the social club. Get to know the women and have them fill out a questionnaire to find out their availability to meet, their personal interests, and what role they would like to play in the club.

How to Find Topics for a Women’s Conference

More women are striving for and reaching new heights in their careers. As a result, new organizations representing women have been formed. These groups regularly host conferences for women to share best practices and ideas. It gives people a chance to learn from the best and from each other. If your group is hosting a conference, there are several ways to find topics of interest to women.

Follow the discussion boards of various forums. Become a member of groups and online forums actively working towards women empowerment. They address women’s concerns and interests.

Track recent conventions and events covering similar areas across the United States. Tapping onto a global audience may interest your conference members. Two great ideas could be expanding businesses globally, or targeting niche segments outside of the U.S.

Keep track of the latest issues and events by watching local and world news reports on television. Being informed about current events will provide a ready list of conference topics.

Make your own database by creating an online forum. Ask people to become members, which will give you a database of active users and listeners. This list could form the basis of your research. By utilizing it, you can see how people respond to suggested topics.

Circulate questionnaires and surveys. Ask direct questions, such as what information they would like to receive and from which industry. You might need to collate the responses to get a good idea of the results.

How to Find Hobbies for Women

Hobbies for women can be a great outlet for creativity and a way to make friends that have a common interest. If you don’t have a hobby then maybe it’s time you looked into it. Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t? Well, if not, why not? Take some time and think about what it is you would love to do and then go do it.

Make your list of hobbies for women and star the ones that are of the most interest. Not all hobbies for women will be of interest to you, so get rid of those right away. There are a few things to consider as you make your decision.

The first thing to consider is time. What is your schedule like and will your hobby fit in? Secondly, finances can be an issue. How much money will it cost? Third, what about personality? Does it suit you and will you see it through? It’s a shame to pay for a class and drop out mid way just to lose money as well as time.

Consider age and physical limitations. For example, you may want to start rock climbing, but can you really do it? If not, then you would need to prepare by getting yourself in shape for such a hobby. Not that you can’t ever do it, but it wouldn’t be a start today kind of thing.

Use common sense and be realistic. You may want to begin bird watching. Well, do you live close to a habitat for birds that would give you the variety you seek? Or would you have to travel for miles to have the experience you want from it?

Know your gifts and talents. What is it that you love to do or want to do? Hobbies for women don’t have to be girly either, so if you have interests that appeal more to men it’s okay. For instance, you may love race cars, so why not take a class and learn more about them.

Have fun with your new hobby. It should be fun and challenging as well as a great learning experience. Think positive and know that a hobby can bring great joy and peace into a person’s life, so it’s well worth the effort you put forth.

Hobbies for women can be a great outlet for stress as well. Women who have hobbies are more fulfilled and lead happier lives. This means that you will be a better wife, mother, friend and all around nicer person.

If you’re looking for a hobby consider this list: chess, cards, scrap booking, hiking, body building, dancing, decorating, fashion, hair, photographs, collecting items such as stamps, kites, dolls, etc. Make candles, jewelry, baskets, pottery and crafts of all kinds. Gardenng, drawing, volunteering, sewing, cooking, music, writing, sport, travel and fitness.

How to Become a Women’s Rights Advocate

If you think that the women’s rights movement ended in the 1970s, think again. Women still struggle for equal rights, and their voices have just begun to be heard in some developing countries. Now is a great time to join the fight and become a women’s rights advocate.

Learn to recognize the ways in which women’s rights continue to be damaged and get angry about it. Women worldwide still receive less pay for equal work. Workplace harassment continues to be a problem. Single mothers struggle to raise children on minimum wage. Chances are good you or someone you know is affected by these issues.

Join the National Organization for Women. This well-known organization has been around since 1966, defending and cultivating women’s rights. Go to their website and find local NOW chapters; click on the “Take Action” tab to find out about today’s hot issues and how you can help.

Visit the Equal Rights Advocates website. Established in 1974, the ERA site lists several ways for individuals to become active in the fight for women’s rights through donations or volunteering. Instructions for hosting an “ERA party” are also included.

Become a member of the Women’s Rights in Development group. This organization, founded in 1982, is particularly interested in helping women in developing countries fight for gender equality. Volunteer positions are listed on their website.

Search for local women’s rights groups. is searchable by ZIP code and is a great way to find others in your area who share your interests. Sign up to receive email alerts about in-person meetings. Start your own women’s rights group if there aren’t any in your area, and invite others to join.

Apply for paid positions with any of the above-mentioned groups. They’re often looking for new employees to support the cause. If none of them has an open job currently that fits your talents, volunteer your time and effort.